Cat Dog Scent Training Method by Mike Leonard

Most well bred young cat dog prospects won’t need a bunch of rolling cage work but it is helpful to have one and a little stimulation with a live coon or cat can fire up some of the energy in the puppy and get his attention focused a bit more. With some pups this is entirely unnecessary, but with slower maturing pups it can help. This does not mean you have to roll it all over the country with a broke dog, and then turn Mom’s house cat out in front of it to be shredded. Most of the time the simple interaction between species will ignite the fuse in the young dog. It may take several sessions but if the pups are bred right it will fire.

NOTE: The practice running of domestic cats even those that are stray or feral should be avoided. It is unlawful, and has unethical implications that can bring consequences up to and including legal penalty to you and your family. It also gives a black eye to the sport.

That being said we all know it is engaged in at times, and it has been the ruination of many fine young hounds. The bit of good that it does is simply starting the fire I talked about earlier, but it will quickly turn a bright young dog into a foaming, running wild idiot. The heavily scented felines don’t leave a wandering pattern of tracks like a wild animal it is usually nothing but a jump race type track that wires the dog’s head in the wrong way. Remember cat trailing is most of the time a game of precision and patient deliberate trailing. I have know many hunters who have nothing more than a box full of housecat dogs they drag up and down the road looking for a red hot tracking and usually going home empty handed.

USE THE PROPER SCENT: This is very important. There are many brands of trailing scents on the market, and I have tried gallons of them. Most are cheap diluted forms of urine, fat and fecal based fluids. They evaporate or spoil quickly and in reality cat pee is not what hounds trail in the wild. Yes it is true that this scent is strong and offensive to the human nostril, but they leave body odors secreted from glands in several different places on their bodies and this is the aroma that lasts after they are gone a good while. Felines have 9 different sets of glands that emit different odors, for marking territory, communication, mating, and warnings and so forth. So using stale urine and fecal matter based scents is useless and a waste of time and money. You might call this a product endorsement and I do endorse this product and although my photo is in the catalog, I do not receive any compensation for my endorsement only the satisfaction of hearing the success stories after they purchase the product.

Grawes Animal Lures of Wahpeton, North Dakota makes the finest dog training scents for the hound man, bar none. Mr. Grawe learned a long time ago being an avid and successful trapper and hunter himself what scents these predators emit. His 100% PURE GLAND SCENTS are without equal. As I always tell folks they leave a trail like and animal does. When I first started using his lion scent years ago I was amazed at how even the older lion dogs would trail it just like they were trailing a lion itself. The gland scent also retains its properties when properly stored for a very long time.

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14 Responses to Cat Dog Scent Training Method by Mike Leonard

  1. Joshua Horrocks says:

    Awesome article very much worth reading! Learned a lot!

  2. RPL190 says:

    Great article. Learned a lot.

  3. Trapperman says:

    I’m gonna get me a pup for sure now!

  4. CouesHunter says:

    Im in for learning more than catching lions. Great story!!

  5. pradatordown says:

    NICE thats very helpfull gonna try some tricks!!!

  6. akbruce66 says:

    Great tips, while pups are much less expensive in the long run an experienced dog seems like an investment that could cut off time and agrivation. Thanks

  7. johnnysmaddog says:

    That Grawes is the stuff; my strike dog almost tore me up when I was working pups! he knew I was a cat until he came around the corner and saw me. if a dog could look surprised that was the time.

  8. willy says:

    great article and very helpful tips for someone starting out new in the hound hunting life!!! thanx!!!

  9. liongetter says:

    great article I used some of that information in a research paper on how to train lion and bobcat hounds my sophomore year of high school. I used it as well on the few young hounds I had and it helped me in catching for bobcat and lion with hounds this year. Thankks

  10. liongetter says:

    great article I used some of that information in a research paper on how to train lion and bobcat hounds my sophomore year of high school. I used it as well on the few young hounds I had and it helped me in catching my first bobcat and big tom lion with hounds this year. Thankks

  11. Ed VanNess says:

    Great information, I have two young Plott puppies out of Bear stock however, after reading your training techniques maybe I should get a young walker dog with cat pedigree.

  12. Mike McLeod says:

    awesome article! i booked marked it! will want to read again, plan on getting into cat hunting once i get to colorado. i know what lines in the redbones and walkers i like, no squat about best lines for cat hunting. i have heard that the sierra line was used for cat throughout the sierra mountians in northern California and Nevada. any suggestions would be helpful

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