Cat Dog Scent Training Method by Mike Leonard

Here is a link if you are interested in getting the best training scent available.

Grawes Lures

Now back on the trail. I like to do my training sessions in the morning when it is still fairly cool, but as your prospect progresses you will want to choose different setting and times of the day. This gives the dog more challenge and also keeps these sessions from becoming too routine.

You do not need to buy a big heavy leather drag for my method. You can fashion a drag of sorts yourself in the beginning to make some very easy trails for the pups, but once he is following the scent and coming to the end of the trail leave the drag behind. No animal drags its body along the ground other than the snake or alligator I guess and we are not concerned with trailing them. Predatory felines walk along placing their feet very careful as they move thru the country. The make contact with their feet and also their body as it brushes against trees, scrubs, rocks, taller grasses and such. Remember cats like to step on flat stones as they go along and also they like to walk between narrow places like a under a scrub or tree very close to the tree’s base, and along little rocky ridges, and next to ledges and such. So think like a cat when you make your trail.

Go to your local Wal-Mart and get some small 4” slip on paint roller covers, for gloss or semi gloss paint. The brand I use is made by Rubbermaid. Then get a stick or wooden dowel about 4 feet long that is the proper diameter to slip this paint roller cover over they end. Secure it with a nail or a bit of wire if necessary. Ok now you have your bobcat’s foot right there on the end of this little walking stick that will keep you from bending over as you go thru the country making a bobcat scent trail. Get a slightly larger paint roller cover and slip it over the dowel or stick and suspend it about 16 inches above the bottom roller. This will be used to simulate the brushing of a cat’s body against a scrub or tree as they walk close to these objects or it will brush the taller grass as the cat’s body would sneaking thru it.

Wearing rubber or latex gloves and rubber soles boots or slip on I wear irrigating boots. Go out and make your track. Start from the tree or place where you wish your dogs to end up. Here again you can use your rolling cage and protected animal or a simple scented toy works they dogs get the idea.

Mark the tree as an animal would climbing up to safety, and then proceed out to make the trail. Dip the end in the scent, and tap it lightly on the ground to simulate a cat placing its foot as it walks along. Put a little scent on the upper roller so it can leave some scent when it brushes by things.

Now think like a cat and make a track. Remember where they like to walk and what they like to step on. Don’t make it too tough to start with. You are going to have fun with this so be creative. Don’t worry too much about your own scent, because Rover is use to smelling you anyway and he is going to be looking for the kitty.

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  1. Joshua Horrocks says:

    Awesome article very much worth reading! Learned a lot!

  2. RPL190 says:

    Great article. Learned a lot.

  3. Trapperman says:

    I’m gonna get me a pup for sure now!

  4. CouesHunter says:

    Im in for learning more than catching lions. Great story!!

  5. pradatordown says:

    NICE thats very helpfull gonna try some tricks!!!

  6. akbruce66 says:

    Great tips, while pups are much less expensive in the long run an experienced dog seems like an investment that could cut off time and agrivation. Thanks

  7. johnnysmaddog says:

    That Grawes is the stuff; my strike dog almost tore me up when I was working pups! he knew I was a cat until he came around the corner and saw me. if a dog could look surprised that was the time.

  8. willy says:

    great article and very helpful tips for someone starting out new in the hound hunting life!!! thanx!!!

  9. liongetter says:

    great article I used some of that information in a research paper on how to train lion and bobcat hounds my sophomore year of high school. I used it as well on the few young hounds I had and it helped me in catching for bobcat and lion with hounds this year. Thankks

  10. liongetter says:

    great article I used some of that information in a research paper on how to train lion and bobcat hounds my sophomore year of high school. I used it as well on the few young hounds I had and it helped me in catching my first bobcat and big tom lion with hounds this year. Thankks

  11. Ed VanNess says:

    Great information, I have two young Plott puppies out of Bear stock however, after reading your training techniques maybe I should get a young walker dog with cat pedigree.

  12. Mike McLeod says:

    awesome article! i booked marked it! will want to read again, plan on getting into cat hunting once i get to colorado. i know what lines in the redbones and walkers i like, no squat about best lines for cat hunting. i have heard that the sierra line was used for cat throughout the sierra mountians in northern California and Nevada. any suggestions would be helpful

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