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by Deff
Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:52 am
Forum: Hound Hunting Related Classifieds
Topic: ISO Smokey river pup
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Re: ISO Smokey river pup

Big Sky Blueticks at Coffee Creek MT raise them.
by Deff
Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:08 pm
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Why do farmers seem to like foxhounds?
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Re: Why do farmers seem to like foxhounds?

I'm a rancher and I keep a couple hounds. Perhaps it is because all of the ones that I have had were big game bred, but I have found hounds to be much more versatile than most people believe. They don't harass my cattle and the cows seem to understand that. I've seen hounds chase a coon through a gr...
by Deff
Wed Dec 25, 2019 4:02 pm
Forum: Coon Hunting
Topic: TWC Training
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Re: TWC Training

If it's a young puppy, a fun game to get it started trailing and treeing is to tie a weenie on a fishing line, use it to make a drag trail then tie it up just out of reach in a tree or on the yard fence. I would go out a separate door from where I let the pup out, cast the weenie close to that entra...
by Deff
Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:15 pm
Forum: Cur Dogs
Topic: Suggestions for a hunting/ranch/kids dog
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Re: Suggestions for a hunting/ranch/kids dog

The most hard treeing dog I ever had was a Australian Shepherd/ Heeler/ Lab mutt! She would work cows for me, fetch ball with the kids or hunt coons or bobcat at night. She'd put her nose on the ground and track and had to be physically pulled off of the tree. BTW, that Black and Tan/ Matthess pup I...
by Deff
Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:59 pm
Forum: Big Game Hunting With Dogs
Topic: Pack of all females.
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Re: Pack of all females.

We have two females that often run with two others. We hadn't spayed ours but when one had a false pregnancy, she started an alpha -female routine over food and space that resulted in a lot of fighting and drama among all the dogs. Now they are all spayed!
by Deff
Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:45 am
Forum: Trapping
Topic: Dogs Caught in Snares
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Re: Dogs Caught in Snares

Years ago, I was setting out snares for coyotes and caught a neighbors blue tick a couple of times. He never pulled the snare tight enough to choke down and loved the 4 mile ride back to his house. My snares were mostly in holes in fence lines and I often placed lure in a tree just beyond. The hound...
by Deff
Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:43 pm
Forum: Lion Hunting
Topic: Montana Lion Season Conflict
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Re: Montana Lion Season Conflict

The start of the big game general season varies from year to year but they try to give hunters the same number of days afield. Our lion and bobcat chase season has traditionally started on Dec 1. It appears to me that the FWP finally gave us just a little bit of respect. Most of the deer /elk hunter...
by Deff
Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:12 pm
Forum: Big Game Hunting With Dogs
Topic: Blue Heelers
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Re: Blue Heelers

Our cowdogs (mostly Heeler X's) run with the hounds. Heelers display a lot of terrier characteristics. They are enthusiastic hunters and often locate the coon in the tree before the hounds do and the little mutts tree hard! They don't trail like a hound does but they can contribute to the pack in th...
by Deff
Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:28 pm
Forum: Big Game Hunting With Dogs
Topic: rendering bear fat?????
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Re: rendering bear fat?????

Just dump the fat scraps in a pan and cook on the stove on about medium heat. Kind of like frying bacon. The liquid is poured through a strainer into containers to cool. I prefer to use old margerin tubs or smaller tupperware type containers that make about bar soap size packages. Makes an awesome l...
by Deff
Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:02 pm
Forum: Coon Hunting
Topic: coon hunting handguns
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Re: coon hunting handguns

I use a Contender pistol with a .17 HMR barrel. Equipped with a laser sight, it has virtually eliminated torn hound ears from coons falling out with the sand left in-em! Kind of combines the accuracy of a rifle with the carry- convenience of a pistol.
by Deff
Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:27 pm
Forum: General Forum
Topic: Bear Aversion Dogs
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Re: Bear Aversion Dogs

I had a Heeler / Black and Tan cross that hated bears. She was an excellent bobcat hound, worked close, was very easy to handle and good with strangers . She was a silent trailer, but when she saw a bear, her bugle would flat out blow a hole through the ozone layer! I won't say that she was cold har...
by Deff
Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:58 pm
Forum: Coon Hunting
Topic: .
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Re: Coons Slow in Winter?

Coons will migrate a lot further than most people think to find a reliable food source and will stick pretty close to it all winter. We use to winter 200 calves and raised oats and barley to feed them in the winter. The grain was hauled to a mill to be steam rolled and molasses added. We would shove...
by Deff
Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:46 pm
Forum: Lion Hunting
Topic: who runs without tracking gear?
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Re: who runs without tracking gear?

My two cents worth: Garmin collars or their equivalent (if anyone else ever makes one) are pretty much standard equipment for big game hound hunting in the mountains. I suspect as time goes on the Boone and Crockett book will be filled with more and more entries that were taken with hounds so equipp...
by Deff
Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:14 pm
Forum: General Forum
Topic: E coller?
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Re: E coller?

I would advise that you shell out the cash for the most range you can afford. Them hounds can cover the ground fast and the effective range of E-Collars are generally less than half the advertised distance. Most of us started out with too little range on the first collars we bought and ended up tras...
by Deff
Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:20 pm
Forum: Lion Hunting
Topic: stampeding cows
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Re: stampeding cows

I pretty much agree with everything written above. I've been ranching over 40 years and have only had 3 occasions of lions stampeding calves. Cats can be pretty bold at night and the commotion of the cattle might arouse their curiosity or the calves might be stampeded by deer dashing around do to a ...

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