Action needed from Tx Dog Owners

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Action needed from Tx Dog Owners

Postby uglydog » Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:22 pm

LSWDA Working Dog Preservation Bill Proposal
.by LonestarWorking DogAssociation on Monday, February 21, 2011 at 1:57pm.

Permission is granted to crosspost:

Hello everyone,

Lance Falzone, LSWDA Charter Member, has been doing a lot of research on bill writing as well as bills that were brought forward in the last legislative session that will be brought forward again, more than likely, in this legislative session. After seeing all of this transpire, Lance and LSWDA thought it would benefit the working dogs of our great state better to be more pro-active than re-active, therefore, trying to get a Bill on the floor that exempts working dogs and their owners from all the crazy pet Bills the antis are trying to get put in place. This Bill proposal is geared more toward the performance basis of working dogs than the breed to encompass all dogs that work. Lance and LSWDA have put together a Bill proposal and Lance has been in contact with Representative Aycock's Chief of Staff. We are hoping that they pick it up and sponsor it and get it on the floor for this session. We feel that the more people that get behind this Bill proposal and push it to their own Representatives as well as passing the word to other working dog organizations and owners, the more noise and pressure we can apply, the more likely we can get it looked at and a possibility of getting it sponsored or co-sponsored and hopefully pushed through. We need your help to get this ball rolling. As of today, this Bill proposal is being looked at by 3 seperate State Representatives. We have high hopes of this making it into this legislative session!!

LSWDA is making it very easy for you all to help us with this. Everything you will need to submit this Bill proposal to your State Representative is on the main page of our website

There is a link to find your representative, a copy of the Bill proposal for you to send, as well as a form letter that each of you can adjust to fit you....we also included the AKC PDF on "How to Contact Your State Representative". All of this can be found in one area and is just a click away!!We need all working dog owners to help, so PLEASE check it out!!!

If the Bill is picked up and sponsored, we will let all of you know who the sponsor or co-sponsors are as well as the Bill #.

LSWDA, Lance, and myself extend our thanks in advance for your help with this. We feel that all working dog owners can benefit from this proposal. Let's be pro-active for once and not re-active!!

The Form Letter:

The Honorable (legislator's name)

His/her address

City, State, Zip

Dear Sen/Rep Name:

Recently, a bill was submitted by Army SSgt. Lance Falzone of Copperas Cove, TX, who is currently on deployment in Iraq to Texas House Representative Jimmie Don Aycock (District 54) relating to the classification and care of working dogs (Please see attached proposed bill).

There are many working dog owners, including those who own dogs that provide an unselfish beneficial service for the public; such as dogs used for police, military, search and rescue, service assistance animals, wounded game recovery, tending, locating, working, or protecting stock that would be positively impacted by this legislation.

I feel that this proposed bill would unshackle selflessness working dog owners from legislation meant to restrict pet dog breeders whose primary initiative is monetary gain. Furthermore, I believe this proposed bill would lift unnecessary restrictions from working dogs owners so that they may continue raising and training working animals used to fill needed, critical, and vital positions that are proven to provide an essential valuable service to and for the general public.

I am urging you to please support this proposed bill.

Thank you for your consideration.


You’re Name

Your Address

Your Phone Number

Working Dog Preservation Bill

By:________________________ ____.B. NO. ________


relating to the classification and care of working dogs



DEFINITION. In this Act a “working dog” means:

(1) A dog used primarily for the purpose of driving, tending, locating,

working, or protecting stock to include domestic and feral stock, swine and exotics;

(2) A dog used for police, military, substance detection, protection, search, rescue or recovery purposes;

(3) A dog used as a service, assistance or therapy animal;

(4) A dog used to locate, retrieve, or capture an animal, or used in the

recovery of wounded or dead animals;

(5) A dog that is in training for any of the above purposes;

(6) The definition does not rely upon where the dog lives, or it’s breed,

but its primary use;


A dog that is defined as a “working dog” is not considered a

pet and will be exempt from laws intended to apply to pets.

(2) A working dog will not be subject to laws:

(a) Requiring mandatory spay or neuter;

(b) Restricting or requiring permits for the number of animals an owner

may possess, regardless of reproductive status;

(c) Restricting how the dog may be housed;

(d) Requiring additional insurance due to weight, breed, sex, or

reproductive status is of the dog;

(e) Restricting breeds that may be kept by the owner.

SECTION 3. Section 42.09, Penal Code applies to the care of working dogs.

SECTION 4. This act takes effect September 1, 2011.
Out to preserve and protect the rights of working dogs

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