Bobcat hound pups

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Bobcat hound pups

Postby parttime » Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:36 pm

Walker cat hound pups for sale. I have 6 females from an accidental breeding from 2 dogs that I purchased late last fall. They are 7 1/2 weeks old and have been wormed. I live in the Vancouver, WA area. $300 each. I will list what the previous owner, Brian C. wrote about the parents below. Please email me with your phone number

Nancy, she is 4, will rig a good track, she will cold trail pretty silent, opens good jumped, she’s really got a good track style and speed to her, she doesn’t drift a track, but runs fast head up style right on line, she is a good tree dog and all around handy to have. She comes from Art Ragsdale. Dry ground bobcat.

Willy, he’s 7. Great strike dog, good at finding tracks, has got a way to take a decent track and drift it head up and make a lot of dogs look stupid at trailing a cat. He’s one of if not the fastest I’ve been around. At his age he’s still the front dog on most tracks, he’s great at finding a lose. As he’s gotten older he’s a better tree dog. Dry ground bobcat. He came from Dean Lafever

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