Good dog ufd

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Good dog ufd

Postby Cattrackjunkie » Tue May 23, 2023 5:52 pm

Alice is a 3 year old female some blue some red and walker.
Been hunted her whole life on cascade bobcats, she has recently taken interest in bears and seems to like them more. A good handful of lions as well.

On cats she won’t tree unless she can see it.
She will take a track from the road and rig a hot one from the box, she is pretty quite on a cold trail but when it gets hot she opens the gates to hell, she can put a lot of pressure on. You will absolutely know when it’s jumped.

Had a decent handle, her nails grow like crazy (which drives me nuts).
Reason I’m selling is she likes these stinky bears now and it got me in some trouble.

Located in western Washington

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