Hunting vehicle advice

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Hunting vehicle advice

Postby Kana » Thu May 28, 2020 3:05 am

Best hunting vehicle under $5000? Anyone have any suggestions?

I know a LOT of people stick by them little Toyota trucks but what is YOUR experience with them or any other hunting vehicle. Also anything you WOULDN'T suggest getting may help as well.

I just got a 750 edelbrock performer off of ebay for 60 bucks and I was going to get a rebuild kit for it but I have not gotten one before nor have I ever rebuilt a edelbrock carb. First of all does these kits come with everything to rebuild it too like new condition or is there a few other things to buy with it? Also is it very hard to do a edelbrock rebuild? After a carb is rebuild does it usually make it just like brand new again to some degree or just really helps freshen it up and thats about it. Thanks for any info.
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Re: Hunting vehicle advice

Postby Nolte » Thu May 28, 2020 8:20 pm

Find an old yota under 5k with a good frame and be done. It's the only small truck I'd recommend. Had a 93 ranger, junk, 96 s10 junk, got an 03 yota with limited slip. Gets around great and still kicking at 170k and will probably go another. Had it since like 07 and put in a battery, some brakes, fixed a brake line, leaf spring, and put on a new skid plate since the other one rusted out. No idea on any of the newer generation ones except they get an arm and a leg for them.

Full size, probably look for a tundra heard good things except you cant drive by a gas station on the newer ones. otherwise fix wheel bearings and fuel pumps on Chevy half tons and water pumps and timing components on fords.

Since it's a hunting truck, I'd do a search for a hail damaged one. It won't be a beauty queen for long anyway and you can get into one with less miles for less money. Last bit of advice, dont buy one from 95% of hound guys. [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

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