CA bobcat hunts....

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CA bobcat hunts....

Postby Tim Lockwood » Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:52 am

Our bobcat hunts are conducted on private hunting land in California. The season opens October 31st and closes February 28th. Bobcat tags are sold over the counter first come first served. We will use 4x4 transportation and be on foot during this hunt. The terrain consists of open fields, rolling hills, forests, canyons and brush. We will use higly trained veteran hounds to locate and pursue the bobcats. There are many bobcats in the locations that we hunt. Our success ratio is high on this hunt. If you have never heard the sound that a pack of hounds makes while trailing a cunning bobcat then you are missing out.

$1000 ~ We guarantee our bobcat hunts since we have some of the top cat dogs in the state. For more info please visit our complete website at or give us a call at 707-888-2859.

We are also offering hound training on bobcats during the months of January and February at $500 month per hound. Please visit the website for more details or give us a call.
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