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Javan's Pet Transport

Postby JDunken2008 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:43 pm

Kansas To East
East To Kansas

(Oct, Nov & Dec 019)

Kansas To West
West To Kansas

(Oct, Nov & Dec 2019)

$250.00. & UP Puppies (3 or more pups better) (Must have Some kind of Papers) (West Coast More)
$350 & UP (100 LB Dogs)

My Dad Passed Away Oct 5th Enjoyed going with me. Traveling 48 States.

My brother passed away July 3rd 2018
He helped me any way he could.

Dog Trailers;

2-12 whole. $2,500 (TO) $12,000

Warranty 4 Extra $$$

DOT & USDA (Inspected)

NOTE: Cancellation Fee (Load Pays) $500.00 (Zero Tollerence)
NOTE: Time Frames on Loads are double.
NOTE: Please be courtesy of Other Customers
NOTE: Transporters Must Be
USDA. Licensed, 1,000,000 Liability,
DOT Medical Card

NOTE: I won't do anything to west coast for less the $500
NOTE: 2 Many illegal transporters out there!!! You know who you are QUIT being illegal. That's not hard to do now is it?
NOTE: This is A Business Not Charity Event.
NOTE: Why do you Customers, Breeders & Dog Transporters. Still my loads for are you jealous I make more money on A dog then you do?

Thanks, for your time and patience
Have A Great Day
God Bless!

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