looking for english or cold nosed tree hound

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looking for english or cold nosed tree hound

Postby ny315670965 » Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:10 pm

I have been looking for a few years now and had around 10 different treeing dogs and was not happy with any of them, I hunt almost everyday and only have 5 hounds in my kennel, they are 4 triggs and 1 half trigg, 1/4 running walker, 1/4 blue dog. The dogs I have now I am more than happy with, cold trail, bay, super track dogs, fast and smart, just never tried them on tree game and I would like to have 1 to run cat with. I live in Northern NY and any help would be appreciated, I want something leggy that I could run on coyote with my triggs that comes from just darn good dogs. thanks

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