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Postby Nolte » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:08 pm

Idcurs wrote:If you want to catch it really matters!!!I have glassed bears in a prickly pear patch eating pears and heard the hounds coming and the bears left when they heard the hounds,23 minutes later the hounds got to the patch.I don't want to give a bear a head start like that.Western bears are thin and cover a hell of a lot country in 23 minutes.

Umm, yeah must be a difference between ID and WI. If our bears started running every time they heard a dog they wouldn't stop moving from July to Oct. Have seen many a dog that was silent until jump and honestly couldn't see noticeable difference in catch rates. Might matter elsewhere but not here. Bears that run, run. You generally turn the tide on them in the year when dogs get skinny from running and the bear fatten up. Until then be prepared to get spanked from time to time. Personally I prefer a little noise, makes it fun. Otherwise it feels like driving with the radio off or watching TV with no sound. Not my deal. Probably would be if it meant I caught more though.

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