Question on catahoulas

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Re: Question on catahoulas

Postby Goose » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:14 pm

They are no different than any other breed, there are strains used and developed for different task, and I've seen and owned some that would flat out smoke a coyote and ran to catch him, some bayed most fought and killed them, the ones I owned that did it only did it trashing as I never intentionally ran yotes with them, I know of several others who were regular coyote hunter that ran a few curs in their packs, they will smoke a running Walker all day in the top end of a race but don't have the bottom end speed, I'm not talking about the big boned jug head type all of these are and were built like running dogs and most come from heavy stock breeding, I've only seen a small few that were what I called a coon dog, seen plenty that would tree a spot lighted coon, beware of just about anybody who does alot of advertising and mediocre publicity for their dogs the good stuff sells itself, not trying to sound like a smart ass and this doesn't pertain to everybody but the vast majority of the people in this breed who claim to own and breed "overall" dogs that go and excell in any discipline you want to use them in have never seen a great dog in any type of working aspect, this breed has been severely diluted down from its original purpose that it's sad but true but there are way more sorry dogs in this breed than good ones and we can thank the almighty dollar bill for that, do a lot of homework, I'd suggest heavily getting in touch with Craig Boling out of Daholenga Ga, I don't know him personally but know enough about him and his dogs to say if a man were wanting full blooded registered catahoulas that work then he is the man to seek, he maintains a great line and is a purist in its truest form when it comes to dogs he hog hunts mainly with his curs in the Mts of north Ga and runs bear with plotts and frequently runs his young curs with his bear pack so the treeing ability and instinct is definitely there but doesn't play a pivotal role in the breeding of his style of curs.....

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