Question on curs working winter coyotes

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Question on curs working winter coyotes

Postby hillbilly boy » Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:20 pm

Ok I have read everything I can about decoy dogs thinking they might be cool but looked like they were only good in the open country out west and since we hunt in the winter almost every one said they are just no good in the winter but on another forum I met a old trapper who only worked in the winter said if they could get a coyote to answer them and is not way out there is cur dog would go out and bring it back for the shot and on the same forum I met a guy that used a cur as a stock dog and said it was nothing strange for coyotes​ to follow is dogs right to his door so if anyone has any experience with them in the winter will coyotes run away from a dog ever time or will they still go after one enough to make it worth it for a fur hunter

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