Support H.B. 2624 & 3395

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Support H.B. 2624 & 3395

Postby mike martell » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:29 pm

Please support both H.B. 2624 & 3395

By doing so, you will assist in removing Government intervention into wildlife management. Oregonians removed a critical management tool in 1994 with passage of Measure 18. Once private sport hounds were removed, management become very difficult. Government has insured Odfw the right to "manage wildlife" and by whatever means possible. Odfw's Administrator Ronald Anglin has stated many times over the years and I quote, "Sport hunters can't meet management objectives" What the man references is the loss of sport hounds and even though spot and stalk hunting by sport hunters is allowed, these methods fall short of proper management objectives. Odfw has recruited Usda and Government along with the same type hounds we used that have been tried and proven to be the only effective management tool that ironically replaced private sport hunting with hounds, simply because Mr. Anglin has no choice by current law. Currently these programs are being funded by sport hunters and tax paying citizens. Management has a different approach today because of liberal intervention into Game management. Lets compare pre ban 1994 to Usda today.State Government must take advantage of limited resourses and mandates to Usda Federal Government the killing of all treed cougar over Government / contractor hounds, while prior to 1994, Odfw rejected sport hunters from killing lactating females with baby kitten and sow black bear with cubs. These by the way are being classified as management objective administrative removals and those cougar, including the females and kittens are being hauled to the landfill and dumped like garbage.

The only management tool left in the box for Black bear since the removal of sport hunting with hounds is the mechanically fired ankle catch snare set over a rank bait in the spring to reduce over populated Black Bears and one more time, simply because Administrator Anglin has no choice in this matter dictated by misinformed citizens of Oregon. Spot and stalk hunting also fails to reach management objectives= the ability to kill enough animals for proper management sustainability, So the remaining tool is implemented. Oregonians have a problem with select harvesting over hounds with the ability to select the sex, age and if the animal has kittens or cubs. The snare does not discriminate with its catch. Statistics report the high snare numbers of sows with baby cubs and those baby cubs killed are labeled as "unknown" and also dumped like trash. Oregonians have a bigger problem with hounds than this? They have a lesser problem with Government? The choice is very clear! Their is no choice, ethical management requires hounds. Support passage of both bills!


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