Light and Healthy Pasta, Zeluva style!

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Light and Healthy Pasta, Zeluva style!

Postby ZeluvaRIP69er » Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:26 am

This doesn't really have a name or set deal, but it sounded good, I made it, and the whole family LOVED it!

3 cups uncooked pasta (when boiled it will make about 6 cups of pasta) I like the mini Bowtie pasta :)
1 bundle fresh uncooked spinach
2 fresh tomatoes
3 teaspoons fresh chopped garlic
1/4 pound cocktail shrimp (cooked or uncooked, you will cook them again)
Olive oil (no set amount, just whatever suits the cook)
Lemon (a lot better then lemon juice, I used 2 whole lemons)
Parmesan cheese (fresh, bagged, or jarred, doesn't matter)

While pasta is boiling wash spinach and remove just the leaves. Chop 2 tomatoes whatever size you like.

In sauce pan mix spinach leaves, chopped tomatoes, Olive oil, and Garlic. Very lightly cook these ingrediants, you will know when it is done because the spinach will have cooked down and you will wonder where it went.

By now the pasta should be done, if it is, drain the water and get back to the stove.

Put the shrimp in a small pan with some olive oil, fresh lemon, and a little garlic. If they are uncooked shrimp, you will want to cook them (when they turn from grey to pink). If they are cooked then just get them warm.

Pour the shrimp and oil into the pan with the spinach and tomato mix.

It is up to you what you do next. You can either:
Mix the spinach/tomato mix in with the pasta OR
Leave them alone and just add the two together when you put it on plate.

I mixed them together while the burner was still hot and mixed it real good.

At the last minute add parmesan cheese on the top.

You can add lemon to taste along with salt and pepper.

You can substitute anything in here. You can do lobster instead of shrimp, asparagus instead of spinach, mushrooms and scallops instead or shrimp and spinach.

I chose what I did because they were all cheap and sounded good.

Here is a pic :)

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