WSHC awards banquet

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WSHC awards banquet

Postby elkhuntress » Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:15 pm

This years banquet was wonderful! Lots of great food-the roasted pig was THE best, much thanks goes to the fabulous cook who stayed up all night Friday taking care of it, the raffle was great-thank you to everyone that donated items for the raffle it all helped a lot. The kids enjoyed the coloring contest and the pinata as well. The hound council meeting was short but good with the next meeting to be held scheduled for OTHA's june 15th trial. Thank you everyone who lent a hand helping out at the grange hall especially Lynn O'brien, Jocelynn Sherril and Linda Clark. Thanks again everyone who came on out and congrats to the trophy winners. I will be posting pictures of the banquet on OTHA facebook page this next week, I will see about getting some up on the WSHC site as well, take care everyone and see you next year!
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