Virginia Black Bear Harvest Report 2010-2011

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Virginia Black Bear Harvest Report 2010-2011

Postby Majestic Tree Hound » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:03 pm

The Harvest was Down last Season Mostly due to the Early/Heavy Winters we've been having..

Our Bear Season extends will into Jan. and the Bear went to den early.

Deer harvest was Down But thats due to Managment and Trying to get the Deer Populations down to a good number..

Wildlife biologists with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) have compiled preliminary figures for deer, turkey, and bear harvests for the 2010-11 fall/winter hunting seasons. The white-tailed deer, bear and wild turkey harvests all declined this year from the previous year which was not a surprise. Exceptional acorn crops across the state coupled with other environmental conditions both this year and last as well as management actions to meet population objectives all factored into fluctuations in populations and harvest trends. The harvest figures continue to indicate that good hunting is available across the Commonwealth for these popular game species.

White-tailed Deer – This past deer season 219,797 deer were reported killed by hunters in Virginia. This total included 95,543 antlered bucks, 19,191 button bucks, and 105,063 does (47.8%). The fall 2010 deer kill total was 15% lower than the 259,147 deer reported killed last year. It is 3% lower than the last 10 year average of 227,430. More than 150,000 deer (68%) were checked using VDGIF 's telephone and Internet checking systems.

•Harvest trends
•Habitat factors such as snow cover and coyote predation
•Data results by geographic area
•Harvest by type of weapon used

Black Bear – During the 2010-11 bear seasons 2,221 bears were reported killed during the archery, muzzleloader, and firearms seasons. The 2010 harvest was a 3.6% decrease from last year 's kill of 2,304, but similar to the 2008 harvest of 2,204 bears. In 2010, bears were harvested in 69 counties with successful bear hunters coming from 18 states other than Virginia. Equaling the average over the last five years, female bears, or sows, represented 39% of the 2010 harvest, which was less than the 42% sows in the 2009 harvest. The top five general firearms counties were Rockingham (128 bears harvested), Bath (115), Augusta (89), Highland (87) and Nelson (87). The 2010-2011 bear seasons represented a very typical harvest year and reinforce the fact that Virginia continues to maintain a high and healthy population of bears.

•Data results by geographic area
•Harvest by type of weapon used
Fall Wild Turkey – In Virginia, 2,687 turkeys were harvested during the 2010-2011 fall turkey season. This harvest was 24% below last year 's reported kill of 3,538 birds. The harvest declined 34% in counties west of the Blue Ridge Mountains (1,664 last year versus 1,102 this year). Counties east of the Blue Ridge Mountains decreased 15 percent (1,874 vs. 1,585). Bedford led all counties with a harvest of 92 birds. Most of the harvest was reported on private lands. Thirty-seven birds were harvested on the Youth Fall Day Hunt. The harvest was not surprising given the exceptional acorn crops seen across Virginia this past fall.

•Impact of inclement weather on spring hatch and fall hunting success
For details on these bulleted topics, read the full Press Release. For more information about white-tailed deer, black bears and wild turkeys, visit the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website. The website also contains information about wildlife management, hunting regulations, and hunting opportunities within the Commonwealth.

Reminder... just 32 days till Spring Gobbler Season opens April 9th!
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Re: Virginia Black Bear Harvest Report 2010-2011

Postby stanleybearhunter » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:27 pm

wonder when the bear aging for 2010 will be available

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