Another Very Happy Hunter In SOUTHER UTAH !!!!!

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Re: Another Very Happy Hunter In SOUTHER UTAH !!!!!

Postby chilcotin hillbilly » Tue May 27, 2014 3:22 am

Great job on closing the deal but myself, I don't let hunters shoot bear until we are inside 20 yards. You could have easily lost a dog or two in the gong show. A work of advice if you care for the dogs, up close and personal is the only way and then you know the dogs actually caught it and the client has a better chance of closing the deal.
A cranker none the less.
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Re: Another Very Happy Hunter In SOUTHER UTAH !!!!!

Postby Rigger » Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:04 am

To be honest with you, I was very nervous when he took the first shot! My best dog was right below the bear. They had him bayed up on a large rock! Right before he shot i thought to myself i hope he doesn't aim low! Lol but it all ended well!

Thanks to everyone for their comments!
I hope to get some film up soon!
I may put my red dog up for sale.
He is 5 years old and has seen quite a few bear.
Trash broke in good company and will rig!
Good tree dog and very fast and can be hunted every day of the week!

Please pm if your interested in my dog!

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