Looking for bear bread female walker

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Looking for bear bread female walker

Postby 1whitedog » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:55 pm

Looking for a female Walker bread for bear out out a line of cold nosed trailing Walkers that run to catch to cross onto a line of the like. Papers or grade. Under 6 months old ideally. Need to be tough every day type hounds. Maybe someone made a great cross and kept one too many back that is not getting the time it deserves. I have a 12 week old female pup here out of our line that I would consider trading too someone that is trying to find something to cross into there line of hounds that could benefit both of us. Drop me a pm. I'm not on here all the time but will try to check once a week so if you don't here back right away give me a few days. Thanks

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