First Good Bear Race With My Pups

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First Good Bear Race With My Pups

Postby brodieross » Tue May 22, 2018 2:57 pm

I was out on the weekend running the hounds. I have a bluetick that is 9 years old, a finished dog and two black and tan pups that are about 9 months old, but I've never ran hounds on bear before. I had them out with some other guys and we treed a bear in the morning but the pups got off the trail with some of his dogs and didn't make it to the tree unfortunately. In the afternoon I walked them in behind one of our baits free casting and got them on a track. The old boy started it and all 3 dogs took off. My male pup ran about a mile and a half and then quit and came back. The other pup stayed with the bluetick for 4 hours. I think they were either treeing or baying the bear because they'd stop for a bit and then move 60 yards and stop again, they did that for a while but were too far to get to quick enough. Then it took off and ran another 3/4 mile and did the same thing. Finally after baying/treeing three times in that spot my female pup quit the chase and stayed where she was. Which of course made us walk 5 miles to go get her. The old dog ran the bear for another 2 hours and finally quit and came out. Got out of there at 11pm. The pups are definitely figuring it out and I'm happy about that.
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Re: First Good Bear Race With My Pups

Postby Bear hounder » Thu May 31, 2018 7:57 pm

Hey thanks for sharing your hunt stories it reminds me of our first year of hunting hounds on bears about 8 years ago so I'll share something with you that Lance Eves told me when I was starting out . I had asked a similar about why my young hounds kept dropping out of the race and why I was not treeing bear I was wondering if my dogs would ever catch a bear. and old Lance told me don't you worry you might have a hard time getting the to stay in the chase but you keep putting those dogs on a bear track and turning them loose and the day will come when you will beg those hounds to quit a track and they won't quit it and I'd have to say old Lance shure right I have spent many nights beside a lake or at the trails end being my hounds to quit a tract so I could go home to my bed only to hear them continue on tounging away right out of sound and next time you get up with them their treed turn them loose and they will turn you into a bear hunter they were born hunters but I needed to learn how to be a houndsman I'm excited to here of the many more hunts you and your hounds will have take care and keep looking up

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