Hunting for a black bear rug: questions

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Hunting for a black bear rug: questions

Postby JonBailey64 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:27 am

Ideally, what should the novice black bear hunter know about taking a specimen for a nice rug?

A nice, clean bear rug lying before the hearth is what many American sportsmen fancy.

How should the shot be placed for best rug quality for a bear treed with hounds?

I would think a 500-pound boar would be most impressive for a rug but probably cost the most because taxidermist charge by the foot.

What should one expect to pay a taxidermist to make a quality big-boar rug with teeth, eyes, open mouth, claws and all?

Can the hide be preserved for some time before the taxidermist can fill your rug order? Should I consult with a taxidermist before the bear hunt?

I understand a quality rug involves fleshing, salting and tanning.

What should be done in the process of rug-making so the rug always stays smelling like a fresh leather baseball glove or a new Rolls-Royce car seat instead of stinking up the house, cabin or lodge badly? I would want a rug that always smells pleasing and that means excellent preservation of the hide.

How are bear rugs normally cared for to look and smell their nicest?

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