I dream of smokin' me a smokey!!

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I dream of smokin' me a smokey!!

Postby JonBailey64 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:15 am

Here is a quote from me in defense of lawful bear hunting on YouTube...

Smokin' a Smokey over a Barrel

Yes, those "heroic" men and boys in camo with their dogs and rifles. Cowardly? I don't know. I believe they are hunting bruins legal and proper. The population has to be thinned so the game department says. Hounds and trees is the most efficient way as this can be done. Conservation effort, total effort.

Now listen up and HEAR ME GOOD, you cutesie Teddy-huggers, bears become a menace and kill children in residential neighborhoods when they go crazy in numbers. Not so cute and cuddly like a huggable Teddy when they are hungry and tearing you to shreds. Game tags are issued. I wouldn't mind a beautiful black bear rug from a taxidermist myself. A 500 pound boar that I shot with my own gun with Walker hounds baying up the tree. Yep, the rump, the teeth, the eyes, the claws, the mouth, the ears: "the whole damn thing" to quote Robert Shaw!


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