Wyo mountain curs

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Wyo mountain curs

Postby jcodyj » Sat Mar 06, 2021 3:03 am

I’m planning on getting a first pup as soon as I can but I want to see if anybody has any additional info. I live in the black hills in South Dakota on the Wyoming line. I’d like to get a dog I can run coons with most of the year until bobcat/lion seasons are in. I’m leaning towards mountain curs. Does anyone have any experience running big game with curs? There’s a guy that breeds them and trees a lot of lions with them in Casper wy. He’s called wyo mountain curs. If anyone has any experience with these dogs Or some general suggestions I’m all ears, thanks.
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Re: Wyo mountain curs

Postby Nufo » Sun Jun 20, 2021 2:25 am

I have a 10 month old pup from Perry. He's a good guy and has been lots of help as I'm getting this dog started. I am running coon and fox and plan to run Lion in Nevada. She's off to a great start, smart, easy to train and is striking and running fox on her own. She hasn't put any up on her own yet but I haven't been running her much since she was in heat a month ago.
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Re: Wyo mountain curs

Postby Blackhills88 » Fri Aug 20, 2021 7:41 pm

Jcodyj I also live in the BlackHills on the Wyoming side
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Re: Wyo mountain curs

Postby mulehound » Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:32 pm

I had a male Kemmer cur years ago. He was one of the best snow and dry ground lion and bear dogs I have ever owned. Never found one quite like him since.
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Re: Wyo mountain curs

Postby Newhounder32 » Thu Jul 28, 2022 12:11 pm

Jcodyj - did you end up getting one of those curs from Casper?

Nufo - how is your pup coming along?

Just curious as I am set to get one from Wyomountaincur in about a month.

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