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Getting it in before deer season!

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:57 am
Fall break was this past Thursday and Friday for the county schools here in Brookhaven Mississippi. Naturally I wanted to go hunting and work my hounds. Well I called a landowner that owns my best spot. And he says no that I can't go because of deer season around the corner. So I start thinking there's only a few people who will let me hunt year round and that's farmers. So I called my friend that's a peanut farmer, you know and asked him if he was seeing any hog sign. I knew hogs were at least in a few miles of his place and I had a bunch of places bordering it so getting off his place wasn't a issue. So I decide I'm going to go an hunt them hogs Thursday morning. I know these hogs run bad. Like severely. They might run 15-20 miles they're is no where to relay your dogs in except if you catch them on one side of the farm. So I load up and I'm ready to go. Between me and My father and my brother we have 26 head of dogs. I picked the best 2 strike dogs we had. 2 of the fastest plott hounds I had and brung my 2 Bulldogs. Sure enough I pull up to the deer camp beside there and they're a bunch of guys sitting around and they ask me where am I going to hunt today. I tell them. I am planning on hunting a peanut farm. If y'all want to come y'all are welcome too. They had some picture of hogs next door to the peanut farm an some pictures of some good hogs. And they said they had them baited up but they're last picture of hogs were a week before that day. So I said shoot maybe we can jump one over there so we go over there ya know and I turn out my dads best strike dog. A redbone. And I had my Plotts waiting to send to em if he barked. Because he is kind of slow. They will speed up the process. He didn't bark so we load up and head to the farm. It's about 6:30 ish now by the time I get back to the peanut farm. And I start looking around I see some hog rooting and it looked fairly fresh and I turned out dads cold nosed dog (the redbone) and I turned out my plotts. They cold trailed him for about 15-20 minutes all of em. And got him running hard pretty quick. They got him bayed in about a 600 years really quick. And we sent out Bulldogs and caught the hog. Image ---- I didn't figure the hog was alone eating them peanuts so I caught the dogs after we caught that hog and turned em out again not 100 yards from where we caught that hog they jumped another hog. That hog ever more run all morning. 4.5 hours my plotts dogs had covered 15 miles. About 12 o clock I got a call and a guy in the hunting club had seen the second hog we were running he claimed he looked 300+. So I turned out another hound at 12 a old dog to try and run with my young dogs. And he couldn't hang with em. He's about 9 years old though so I'll give him that- age well get to you. Just wanting to share a memory of a hunt that happened recently. The puppies that run all morning are a 2 year old dog. And I have a 1 year old dog. Thank y'all and God Bless!

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Re: Getting it in before deer season!

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:53 pm
by duck duck goose
Great write up, thanks for sharing. I know where I grew up guys would hold off on running coyotes until deer season was over, just a respect thing I think. There were lots of small plots of bush and if you moved the deer from one they might not be back for a while.