NC hog hunters

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NC hog hunters

Postby James50 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:27 pm

I've bear hunted for about 10 years now with hounds, I also coon hunt some. Recently I met up with a guy that does some hog hunting and after one time I became addicted. Only problem is I don't really have anywhere to go. The hog hunt I went on, a farmer had a single hog getting in his crop so we went and bagged it. I was wondering if anyone out there would mind allowing me to tag along with them on some hog hunts in nc or maybe even sc. I won't bring any dogs because I have no hog dogs only bear dogs. With that said tho, if you would like my buddy would probably be more than happy to bring some. I don't care about killing one I just enjoy going and working the dogs.

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