Cold Nosed Trail Dogs

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Cold Nosed Trail Dogs

Postby HOGMAN » Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:37 pm


This particular morning in January we were hunting in the Delta. The hounds had been hunted for four days same ones. I had my 2 young dogs that had been doing a lot of trailing with the older dog I had been pairing them with pretty well. We had been camping and the weather conditions were really cruel that week. 20 degrees, and rainy weather at night , and whippin winds. Anyway I took them 2 hounds and was huntin with my nephew and my brother in the picture. We turned them loose on a track that I believed had been walked on the night before breaking ice on the side of a slough. Turned them two out and gave them some time. Gave them like 25 minuets and hammer let out a good strong bawl which is his way of saying he is trailing. Shiloh packed up with him and they got 900 from me and I couldn’t hear anything anymore and the GPS wasn’t showing them barking. And it was a lot of water in there. Well I’m watchin him on my antenna sitting in my truck eatin breakfast. And he slowly starts to get away from the water he gets to .79 and him and Shiloh show treed and Barkin 80 BPM. We walk in there close to them and they were showing like 30 yards apart from each other so I wasn’t wondering what was happening. Figured a rally of hogs and i was right. When I sent the bulldog to one my nephew caught his he is holding by hisself and me and my brother caught the big one with the bulldog. Hell of a hunt and a lot of memories. Nephew was hooked after that.
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