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New litter

Postby lawdawgharris » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:22 am

Hey folks, just wanted to share my newest litter of bulldog puppies with you. For those of you that don't know me, I've been at this for about 30 years with my own dogs. I've been raising and trying to establish my own family of find dogs and catch dogs for 20+. This family of Bulldogs were registered APBT when I started. It is well known though that one dog in my pedigree was an American bulldog and pit cross. He was created for pulling and held the world record at one time. I breed for several traits and I'm not sure that one supersedes the next. It makes it extremely hard. I like bigger catch dogs, the line backer types not the Sumo types. I want athleticism, leg, wind, brains, disposition, and size. I like 2 bulldogs but I use to hunt alone a lot. That meant one catch dog so I wanted something that could do the job right and alone no matter what I aimed it at. I wanted something that could take the punishment and get leverage. The smaller dogs had just as much heart just weren't enough on good hogs. The hog either moved around too much even with them caught or they took entirely too much punishment themselves. This female is my ideal physical type. She's about 75 pounds and extremely athletic. She isn't short on brains either. The male to the pups is between 95 and 102 pounds depending on the time of year. Believe me when I say he's catty as he can be. I have really high hopes for these pups. One female really grabs me just because she is marked like her great great grandfather. I hope that she is like him in every way possible. I will pick when they get older but I have a close eye on her. Her grandfather could catch a train and had brains and athleticism to spare. He was kept loose in the chicken yard and you never had to worry about him killing one. He did kill 2 chicken hawks and tore into the pigeon pen one night and killed an owl. He was outstanding and was most certainly not the only one like that out of what I've raised but more the norm. Anyway, here are my newest pot lickers. The dog standing in the water is a half brother to the female. He's 1 1/2 years old and was 87 pounds last I weighed him. He is not the father of these pups but very similar to what I think these pups will be.ImageImageImageImage

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