Andalusian Horses/Mules....Question?

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Re: Andalusian Horses/Mules....Question?

Postby Mike Leonard » Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:38 pm

Thes ehorses are amazing and if you want to know a little bit more about this breed and how it influenced many of today's breeds of horses read this ... Breed.html

you will see where the cow sense in Quarter Horses came from.

I am very fortunate to own a splendid and rare black Andulusian gelding. there is a long story behind this horse and I don't have time to tell it now but I will say that Midnight as I call him who was royally bred was moved to very harsh conditions where his mother died shorttly after his birth and although he was gave up on as an orphan that just couldn't make it in the harsh envoirment he was in and compete with rugged range ponies in the arid badlands of New Mexico he did. He went from and awkward kind of ugly duckling beat up on colt to a magnificent 16 hands of black power that can run off and leave a band of rugged ranch ponies in harsh country. Leaping huge washouts flying along rimrocks and diving off thru boulder piles at high speed and hitting the prairie floor below and leaving out with tail high and and a cloud of dust behind him like a jet trail, while others gingerly pick their way. More to come about Midnight in the future.
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