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Re: where to start in the mule game

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:00 pm
by Vicks_PeakGS
dwalton wrote:I raised mules for years, I love them,used mostly for elk hunting and riding, had some great ones. Every time I got hurt from them [ crushed pelvis, smash vertebra, concussion] it was my fault I got on them. You had better have a good older mule or stay with a good mountain horse. Walking is not that bad. Dewey

I’ve been pretty lucky as of yet with my mules. Haven’t had too bad of a wreck so far, even when it should have gone really haywire. All my mules are very calm and respond to disaster pretty well. I use them for packing during my guide season then use them for the rest of year hunting lion and bear.

The main thing I have always looked for in mules other then confirmation is their disposition. I love a mule that wants to be right in my hip. It shows his trust in you. If your mule doesn’t trust you that’s when ALL the problems start. A mule can absolutely refuse to do anything he thinks will hurt him and that’s when you get in the wrecks. a trusting mule is so much more willing when things get hairy.

I will likely never take a horse behind the dogs again. I have a Percheron mule that has been the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had. He’s been my go to this year so far.

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