Tell us a little about you and your hounds.
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Postby bowieknife50 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:01 pm

Hi everyone,

Rookie hound hunter from northern Michigan here. Been tagging along with hound guys for 15+ years but just now starting my second dog and working on building a pack. I have a young plotting dog that's just starting on bear this year and doing well if packed in on a jumped track. An old running dog that was given to me that's a phenomenal coyote cold trailer. And a bluetick my wife took in as stray that I can't get to do anything but bark on the chain. Now all I need is a lep to complete my rainbow nation. Like and grew up chasing coyotes but bear is becoming my favorite. Been after bobcat a few times but never put one in a tree. My goal is to shoot my first one over my own dog so we'll see how that goes. I appreciate all the wisdom on this site.


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