Hello From Wyoming

Tell us a little about you and your hounds.
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Hello From Wyoming

Postby Wyohoundsman » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:28 pm

I've always been a trapper. Ive always trapped bobcats and occasionally I would run into a houndsmen and the experiences were never pleasant as around here there is this tension between trappers and houndsmen, mainly because of the Snare/Dog elephant in the room. Run ins usually ended in some empty threats from the houndsman and finger in the air from the trapper. Except for one time I had just finished snaring a whole ridge line for coyotes when I saw two trucks loaded up with dog boxes and pulling a couple Razors drive by while I was walking back down to my truck. I got to my truck and was thinking to myself man I hope they don't release their hounds out on this ridge, that would be the worse possible case scenario. So I figured well it might be a bad idea and end in a yelling match but I figured I would turn around and catch up to them and atleast let them know that I just littered this mtn with snares, because I love trapping with a passion but a chance at a few coyotes in some snares isn't worth risking killing some guys hound that im sure he has invested alot of time and money into. When I caught up to them they were all out of their trucks collaring their dogs. I walked up to the houndmen and his sons. I told them about the snares and that if they were about to release their hounds I would be more than willing to go back up and knock my snares down so they can run the lion track they just cut. He looked at me and said oh hell no, im not going to ask you stop doing something you love just like I would expect for you to not ask me to stop doing what I love. I thought that was really cool of him to say. So after explaining to him in detail where all my sets were as a caution, we exchanged numbers and he told me I was welcome to tag along anytime. As of today ive been out with him and his boys multiple times and have treed two lions with him. Which obviously got me addicted and caused me to pickup a handsome walker male I named River. He has turned out to be good dog I think. he is only 8 months old and he will trail open and tree a coon all by himself. I plan on getting another female bluetick later on but I sure am glad I decided to turn around and chase that houndsman down that day. He broke stereotype I had of houndsman and opened me up to the world of running hounds and its fair to say I've slacked on my trapping a little because Im out with River watching him get better and better every day! Also ive been teaching his boys how to trap so I think it opened up everyone's eyes a little.
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Re: Hello From Wyoming

Postby Ndigs » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:32 am

Sure Thank you for that honest story. Seems it doesn't turn out with that kind of an ending very often any more. Bless you for sharing it. I have a good trapper similar to you in the area I live, he leaves a nice honey hole to me so have given him a couple cats over the years . We're friends and that is way better than fighting over stuff. Hope you really enjoy your dogs.
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