Hello from Ontario

Tell us a little about you and your hounds.
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Hello from Ontario

Postby CCPM » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:47 pm

Hello there, nice to meet you all been a few years since I been on here. Haven't had hounds for a lil bit. Gunna start back up soon I think got the itch again now. Also rescued/adopted a mule figure start inter-grading her into the mix also. Couple local lads do some serious dogging for bears and coons, coyotes. Always ran deer mostly myself. But love to see the dogs get used for what there bred for. Thanks for the membership. Oh yeah also are there many folks from the Lanark Highlands or Ontario, Canada area on here. (Where us locals folks have: Plots, Walkers, Blue Ticks, Black and Tans , Beagles, Labs, Bulldogs , & Mules, and some hounds with more mix then you bother taking a guess at.
But will run like the wind for you every chance you let them.

Personally I love the plots, blue ticks and black & Tans. Gave my last hound I had to a lady that hunted bear and wolves, and trained hounds out of Napanee, Ontario.

I'm looking for dog boxes that mount on mules. Also other folks that might run mules in the hunting outfits. I have the plastic barrel dog creates I make. But was talking to a fellow that said he has seen the aluminum box style hound box on a mule before also. Wondering if anyone had any pics of this type of setup.

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