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Lee Wolford
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Re: Trapping on Public Land

Postby Lee Wolford » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:03 pm

Here is the deal, trappers have the right to trap....we have the right to run our hounds. I have no problem with trappers, i even trap myself once in awhile. Whenever I run into a trapper, i stop to talk to them, I'm always nice and they usually always tell me what areas they are trapping. I have had my dogs caught in traps before, IT HAPPENS!! I have had my dogs killed by wolves before...IT HAPPENS! I have had my dogs killed by bear before.....IT HAPPENS. I have had my dogs hit on the highway before IT HAPPENS!

So you want to ban trapping, why not ban highways or other people driving on mountain roads or mean bear, lol

The bottom line is People need to mind their own (beep) business and leave everybody else alone. We don't own the woods and we sure as hell don't have any more right to critters then the trappers do. If a trapper is trapping in an area where i hunt....great, i have no problem with that. If they don't harass me i don't harass them.. VERY SIMPLE I don't understand why some of you hound hunters think you own the woods.
Tanner Peyton
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Re: Trapping on Public Land

Postby Tanner Peyton » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:43 am

Whether you agree with trapping or not i thinks it in a houndsman's best interest to stay in the trappers good graces. There are a heck of a lot of more people who agree with trapping then agree with hound hunting, just saying. The second you try and pull there right to public lands your gonna make an enemy for life and the very next time running bears is under the gun the trappers are gonna say what the hell do I care about hounds. And there gonna stay home when it comes time to vote. In stead of saying "you know that Tex Adams is a good dude, I don't get the hound thing but I know he likes it and I don't wanna see his dogs taken from him". Or at least I think that's how a democracy works.

Anyhow, it's not hard at all to trap break dogs. 100 percent of the spots I hunted from December 1 to February 28 we're absolutely riddled with other peoples snares, foot holds, and conibears. I never once had a problem. I took my dogs every time I would check my own traps and never had a problem.

I guess worst case you can get the city dog walkers on your side when it comes time to vote. They know nothing about hounds or trapping and they out number both groups, and also get to vote. Hahaha gotta love that democracy

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