Fired up

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Fired up

Postby Hunter » Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:12 pm

I'm not one to order new stuff as I usually just find a good used model on something and save a few pennies but, with my other collars all getting older and the 220 not picking up my collars at all AND with all the good reviews that you guys were posting on I bit the bullet and ordered a new Astro 320 and DC 50 collars for all my dogs. I knew before I placed my order that the DC 50 collars were on back order but, I can't help it, I go straight to the computer every time I walk in the house to check and see if they've shipped yet. My wife told me this morning "my GOD you act just like a kid".... yeah............ SO???

Any ways, I have a question. Can I take the map card from my 220 and put it in my 320 or will (should) I up load a new map and things?

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