Deep snow cat hunting, Anyone using a sled?

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Deep snow cat hunting, Anyone using a sled?

Postby BigMountainMike » Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:07 pm

Hey guys,

was out running my dog a couple times this past week. In a couple of the areas I hunt, its looking like im about 2 good snowfalls away from not being able to get the truck in there anymore- And there are 5 months left in Lion season...

I was thinking of buying a sled and putting a dog box on the back of it to keep the country open. Anyone running a setup like this? how do you guys keep hunting in the deep stuff?


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Re: Deep snow cat hunting, Anyone using a sled?

Postby funstuff » Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:48 pm

It will definitely help your access. Hit the higher wind blown and sun melted areas. The closer together these areas are the more chance of finding track.

If you stay on the north sides for walking the snow stays pretty frozen for ya. In the other areas a good set of snow shoes is required. And not the new aluminum type either. The older style wood/lace webbing in the north trapper style. Not too narrow but you can still get around the trees and stuff easily, and long enough to hold your weight when your waking over 10’+feet of snow in a hill.
I picked up a tdk box. I liked it. It didn’t tip over on me like some of the others I tried. And I could keep a small chainsaw on the box.
Just remember that if you break down way back up, it’s a long walk out. It’s also the best hunting around. Not many go there

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