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tom treed
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new to coon hunting tips

Postby tom treed » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:36 pm

Hi everybody I was looking a trying to do some coon hunting this summer all I ever done was cat hunting in the snow I was wondering what the best way to go about it was
should I just start walking in coon area ?
I'm hunting near a river would it be best to go between the river and the corn fields?
when is the best time of day to go?
when is the best time of year to go?
will be grateful for any advice
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Re: new to coon hunting tips

Postby Rustyshaklferd » Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:03 pm

Around here in the Midwest IMO its best to go about an hour after dark on nights when the temp doesn't fall below 20 degrees ( that can vary too though) if its been cold for a while any warm up may make them leave the den for a short time. Find a food source and you'll find the coons youre right in thinking rivers and corn fields. I like the most when the leaves are off the trees as they are easier to spot in the tree. Don't punish your dogs if you don't see a coon in the tree I cant tell you how many times I just left the tree and shined back from a few hundred yards after spending an eternity looking for a coon to have those eyes looking back at me cause were leaving. Also they really like to run culverts so If I am hunting a spot that has one near I will turn loose near it. I wouldn't mess with caged coons either for what little good it can do it often times makes it worse. Shooting them out can be tricky especially in the wind. Get a good cap light and a gun with scope and make sure you can see through it before you try to knock the first one out ( learned that the hard way. ) I have a K light there are decent ones to be had for less than 150 dollars.....upgrade the bump cap it comes with to a Real hardhat one with the adjustable knob on the back you'll have to modify it yourself but its worth it. I struggled with my bump cap being too loose or tight or coming unsnapped...getting too warm etc. for years before doing it and cant believe it took me so long to figure it out...if you heat up pull your stocking cap or hood whatever off and turn the knob and your good to go. I have been having a lot more fun coon hunting now that I don't hunt swampy areas......nothing like waiting for ever for your dog to catch a coon circling a swamp round and round and then coming up treed out in muck up to your waist to find a coon treed in a tree not hardly stout enough to skin it from. Also if you have any campgrounds near you...see if you can hunt them in the off season they are usually chock full of coons.

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