Reverting toward childhood

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Gary Roberson
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Re: Reverting toward childhood

Postby Gary Roberson » Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:35 pm

I am starting two young females at a time of the year when it is actually too hot to hunt. Problem is that I am too busy shooting TV when it is cooler and my dogs have to suffer. For this reason, I am hunting only mornings and don't plan to change. Really enjoying watching the young girls work, travel and see how they react to things that they have not seen before.
I had a young male that I was going to begin hunting as well but three pups is a hand full for one old man. Robert Rivera came up from Sanderson last Saturday and picked him up and is planning to hunt him on lions. I hope he make a great dog for Robert. If he does work out, I told Robert that I wanted him back and will send him one of these started females.
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Liz ODell
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Re: Reverting toward childhood

Postby Liz ODell » Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:52 pm

I would rather hunt coons in the day than any other time, nothing wrong with coon hunting at all, I just wish there were more places out here where I live now with coons, my days of hundreds of coons a year are over but I've found a few hidden gems out here.
Tanner Peyton
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Re: Reverting toward childhood

Postby Tanner Peyton » Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:50 pm

Super good thread. Anyhow you know I've probably hunted daylight more then I've hunted in the dark and I enjoy hunting daylight. It all started when I tried switching my coon dogs over to bobcats all I ended up doing was teaching my dogs how to cold trail coons in the daylight. It ended up being a ton of fun and I treed thousands of coons in day light over the years. This kind of started me down a path to where I realized that maybe not necessarily everything the old-timers said was true. And I started to develop my own way of thinking about what a legitimate dog is and isn't and can and cannot do.

One thing that's nice about a well handling dog is that you can hunt them for how long and when ever you want to. Whether it be for 10 minutes over lunch break or for two hours at 2 AM it really opens up opportunity to hunt a lot when time is tight. Anyhow keep up the good work gentleman I at this point in living vicariously through you guys and the threads you post.

Oh yeah the good thing about old-age is that it doesn't last very long, Lol, happy hunting gentlemen.

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