Bobcat question

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Bobcat question

Postby DavidT » Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:01 am

I was recently hunting a new dog and came across a bobcat. The cat was hiding from me behind a log for a few minutes as I called my dog to me. The dog got there about 30 secs after the cat left and had no idea that it was ever there.

I have been told by a couple old timers, that if you get to close to a bobcat that it will shut it glands and the dogs wont smell it. I have had other dogs in the past that had been able to take a track like this, but never were able to tree it. The only cats that they ever treed were struck on their own.

This dog is not a bobcat dog but is supposed to know what a bobcat is, even if she dosnt, it seems that she would at least sniff a little and move on to something else. She can strike and catch a coon on her own. I had one coon treed last night and a coon or possibly a bobcat in a den also, so it not like she dont know anything.

A track cant get any hotter than this. So can someone give me their thoughts on what the deal is ?
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Re: Bobcat question

Postby wablkandtan » Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:45 pm

ive heard of it but only had it happen on a big boar coon one night. the temp was around 20 degrees. frozen fog on the ground and my potlickers couldnt find anything. too bad for the coon because he was there the next night and wasnt so lucky :D
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