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Gary Roberson
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Postby Gary Roberson » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:03 pm

I have been trying to finish up a hunt with a young lady for CARNIVORE. Since I don't have any bobcats around here anymore and my dogs will run coons as well as cats, I have been depending upon my buddies down in South Texas to tree a cat for Jaden Conder. About a month ago, we met up with Jesse Paul McBeth and his hounds put a cat in a tree for us less than an hour into the hunt. Jaden had not shot in the dark and had difficulty connecting with the cat before it jumped. It was extremely hot and dry and the dogs did not see if jump and by the time they got on the trail, he had a good lead. Long story short, we ran out of luck after that.
Saturday morning, we met up with Clinto Brown and Sarah Hensarling near Brackettville. The temperatures were still in the upper 70's but we had pretty good cloud cover. We struck a cat about 7:30 AM and rather than go to a thicket, this one decided to pull out. He went about two miles before finding a big oak tree (for that area) along a drainage. I had changed the sights on the Ruger .22 magnum to one of Trijicon's RMR (red dot sights). Jaden loved it as all you have to do is put the red dot where you want the bullet to impact. She made a great shot and after four hunts, we have a great show for CARNIVORE.
Jaden was a childhood model and model for many of the large companies that sell children's clothes or products. She modeled for about 5 years until she told Mom and Dad that she was finished. When she was about to turn 11, her Mother asked what she wanted for her birthday and Jaden responded, "a French manicure and a BB gun". A few months later, she decided that she wanted to hunt a bobcat and that is how we got involved. She is a great young lady from a great family. Now her goal is to take a mountain lion. I told her that I could help her with that but we would wait until next year.
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Re: Finally

Postby david » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:48 pm

Great story. I always like to hear about young people getting involved. I have an awesome 11 year old neighbor getting into it. It has not been easy for him either.

In both cases I am glad they had to struggle a bit. It is not real life if they don't. And the feeling of elation at success is so much greater after a struggle for it.

Congratulations. !
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Re: Finally

Postby wyokid » Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:15 pm

Awesome story, I agree with david it is so cool seeing young people taking interest in things like this, let us know on the lion hunt, she will love it Im sure of it!!! Congrats
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