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coming along

Postby funstuff » Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:25 pm

the dog is coming along quite well. he has started to figure out to slow down on the track to keep it in line. really speeds up when it warms up, has some speed on him as well. we've caught 3 of 6 bobs that we have started so far.

am running him with another dog that has some serious wheels on her, and he hasn't seen a cat tree yet, so is a bit loose on tree and not figured out the locate yet. i'll get him out by himself sometime in the next couple of weeks and let him do his thing. hes smart enough, so he should figure this out pretty quick.

overall a nice dog so far. has some faults of course, but nothing major yet that can't be worked on with more tracks. handles easy, great stamina and endurance and a HUGE bawl on him that just echos off the canyon walls.

the dogs did 60 miles 3 of the last 5 days. i hunt big country and expect my dogs to run a track 5-10 miles into the walk. we are taking a couple days off.

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