Bobcat hunting with a jag terrier

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Bobcat hunting with a jag terrier

Postby Taylor » Tue May 30, 2017 6:26 pm

I have been thinking On getting a jag terrier to add to my pack of bobcat dogs but have little knowledge of them. Can they benefit a pack of dogs running a cat or am I wasting my time? I have heard they can be very aggressive. Any input is appreciated thanks
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Re: Bobcat hunting with a jag terrier

Postby david » Tue May 30, 2017 9:37 pm

We kept jags for awhile, and I love the dogs. But you don't need them on the race. We got them to try and flush cats out of brushpiles, etc. But in our experience, most cats would not flush. The cat would end up getting killed in there and we would waste half a day getting it out of there; and give up the chance of running another cat that day because of it.

Maybe when I was a kid, I would have appreciated them more. I had more drive for killing stuff back then, I guess. I am not against them, but to me personally they are a waste of time. Your hounds will learn less, and maybe even a lot less, if you are fooling with terriers.

Also, I have gained so much respect for my quarry, that if I get beat, I am not a sore looser about it. And if a cat gets home or to a place where he might have been born, then he gets an imaginary hand shake, a "good game" and a silent "we shall meet again some day, when I will kick your butt like you just now kicked mine".

If you want to use a jagd to help your cat hunting breed one to a hard driving, wide open, cold nosed Treeing Walker, get rid of the jagd, and keep all those pups until you can pick out the world beater who will cold trail and give voice. if he ends up being your best dog, it won't be the first time that happened. It won't be the second time it happened either.
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Re: Bobcat hunting with a jag terrier

Postby Jeff Eberle » Tue May 30, 2017 11:49 pm

Taylor wrote:I have been thinking On getting a jag terrier to add to my pack of bobcat dogs but have little knowledge of them. Can they benefit a pack of dogs running a cat or am I wasting my time? I have heard they can be very aggressive. Any input is appreciated thanks

Let me ask you a question, Why do you think you need one in your pack ? I'm with David on getting beaten . Mine deserve to get beat now and again as they themselves are big cheaters. I do know guys that have had them and will never have them again and guys that will always have them. Me myself just what I've hear from friends that have had them I would not turn loose with one.So just like everything else what one guy likes the other guy don't.
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Re: Bobcat hunting with a jag terrier

Postby Dan McDonough » Wed May 31, 2017 6:26 pm

I'm going to jump in somewhere in the middle on this. Some jagds just can't be around other dogs. They are bred up by bang headed people that just think jagds are fight dogs. There are other jagds that mind themselves as well as most dogs. You just don't want anything to do with the former kind.

Depending on what size your cats are, you'll need one between 18# and 28#. They are going to fight the cat when the chance comes. Some of them are good tree dogs and some of them are fantastic locators. There's a mindset and a way of doing things that good jagds have that is tough to beat. Having a dog with a different set of talents (or at least how they use those talents) in your pack can be productive and a lot of fun (which is the name of the game).

Right now, I have several jagds and I will likely always have at least one around. Not because they are going to make my hunting more productive all of the time, but because they make my hunting more fun most of the time.

Something of note...I have a half whippet, half jagdterrier that is a way faster track dog than any Jagdterrier I've ever seen and I've seen a few very good track dogs that were pure Jagdterriers. He doesn't tree very well but he makes a real show on a track and just eats up the ground like his tail is on fire. I think he may be a little bit of a freak of nature but he's mine and he's as much fun to watch track anything as anything I've ever seen.

Keep in mind that you'll have to break a jagd off of dang near everything out there that you don't want to run because most will run anything out there. You'll also have to invest a lot of time in training the dog up when it's young. If you don't put time into a Jagdterrier when it's young, your not likely to enjoy the outcome. I suppose that goes for any dog but more so with jagds. Like any dog breed, there's really good ones to be found. With the jagds though, they are so intense that if you find a good one and put the time in, you'll have some crazy stories to tell. There's no doubt about that.

You just have to decide FIRST, whether your a dog man or a bobcat hunter. If your the former then go out and find the best jagd blood for the job you can. I would suggest talking to Ted or Nathan Wenner from Albuquerque, NM. If your a cat hunter, I would suggest staying as far away from jagds as you can unless your sure you need a dog to get them out of tight places. Just keep in mind what David said about that in the above post.
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Re: Bobcat hunting with a jag terrier

Postby nrspence » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:41 am

What Dan said. [THUMBS UP SIGN]

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