August 2012 NYHCA column preview

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August 2012 NYHCA column preview

Postby Emily » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:35 pm

NYHCA article for American Cooner, Full Cry, Rabbit Hunter; Hunter's Horn for August 2012

New York Houndsmen Conservation Association
Houndsmen Helping Houndsmen

Emily S. Plishner, Zone 4 Representative
P.O Box 63
West Kill, NY 12492
518 989 6454

Apologies. It has been awhile since I’ve been able to get my act together to file a column in time for the deadline, so way too much news has accumulated!

On the state legislative front, our “hounds at large bill,” A 10085 Lupardo, same as S 7136 YOUNG, never made it to the Assembly floor. After being held up in the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee, some minor changes were made and it was switched to the Agriculture Committee, where we hope it has a better chance of getting full Assembly approval next session (in the fall). The good news is that the Conservation Council mentioned it in their round-up discussion of the legislative session, and is supporting it somewhat actively.
There was also some tricky last-minute horse trading that went on regarding the crossbow legislation, and that may affect the new deer season, which is not etched in stone as of this writing. Crossbows will be allowed during archery season for 2 more years, but no permanent resolution to the controversy over whether crossbows should be considered more like archery equipment or more like rifles has been reached. We’ll let you know what your dogs are running at the same time with when next month.

In California, the attempt to ban hound hunting on bear and bobcat, Senate Bill 1221,was defeated in committee, but tricky political maneuvering is allowing a re-vote to take place, largely behind closed doors, after my deadline. Please check in with the California Houndsmen for Conservation at
Or go to the big game board at
to get the latest news. Here’s what the California Houndsmen for Conservation[CHC] are asking for: “Join with CHC, COHA [California Outdoor Heritage Alliance], and USSA [U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance] in defending what is rightfully yours. Do it for yourself. Do it for your hounds. Do it for the houndsmen and women that came before us. Do it for your children and the future generations of hound hunters that are counting on us. Hound hunting must not be banned. “
What’s happening in California could happen here too. Lets not let that happen! The national Masters of Foxhounds Association has sent support to the Californians. There is no national organization for coon, coyote, or big game hunters, unless you consider the for-profit kennel clubs. The Californians’ cause is ours too. We need to help them out.

Speaking of bear hunting, Jeremy Hurst, the big game wildlife biologist at DEC in Albany, has asked for input from houndsmen, including our organization, before the public announcement of a new 5-year bear management program in September. It is very nice to know that they are soliciting our input before soliciting general comment. My sources tell me that the DEC appreciates our help managing bears and would like to accommodate us to the extent it’s politically possible. So, when the new plan comes out, send in your comments, go to hearings, and make yourself heard.

In other news from our organization, we are collaborating with UKC to help sponsor a NY State [coon hunting] Championship and Purina Points event this fall. This year, the event will be held at the Chemung County Coonhunters in Van Etten on Friday and Saturday of the Columbus Day weekend, October 12th and 13th . UKC is attempting to clear the state of all other competing UKC events that Saturday, so if your club normally holds a UKC event that weekend, you will need to move it. We’re hoping the Van Etten club has a great turnout and that we will have a Purina Points event in New York state on an ongoing basis, and hopefully be able to move it around the state a bit so everyone has a chance to go. NYHCA did not hold a state championship coyote hunt this year for lack of interest. If you want a state coyote hunt again, please step up and help organize one!

There is a new business in New York taking professional photos of you and your hounds at New York hound events. Joe and Tracy Chilson and their blueticks have been traveling to events in New York and beyond with cameras, printer, and computer, taking great pictures and selling them on the spot. Their business is called “3 Rivers Photos To Go.” You can learn more about it and see lots of their great pictures online here:
Ironically, I met Tracy and Joe at the Three Rivers Coon Hunters and Beagles Club in Unadilla, but their business has nothing to do with the club’s name—they hail from 3 Rivers farm, near Syracuse. They and I also went to a very well-attended event at the Ft. Plain club the following day, where we learned that Bruce Jones, president of the Ft. Plain club, has just retired and may have enough time to get himself a new hound and spend some time in the woods with it.

The hound season is about to begin, and I hope to be out chasing bears and coons well before you read this. Meanwhile,
call me, write me, or email me with your upcoming events, event results, new titles, upcoming litters and other news and pictures. I especially need to hear from you beagle and foxhound people! No matter what you chase with your hounds, NYHCA has your back in Albany. Every houndsman and houndswoman in NY should be a member. To join, visit our website at for more information, or just send a check with your contact info to NYHCA; P.O. Box 72; Walworth, NY; 14568. Dues are $10 for a full year for individuals; $5 for youth 16 or under at the time you join; family $15; hound or hunting club/organization $25. Memberships are available on-the-spot at all NY Houndsmen events.
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Re: August 2012 NYHCA column preview

Postby slowandeasy » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:27 pm


I just read your address as to where you live. And was talking to the wife, as it brought back some good memories. And we were both wondering if the town is still just that one road? Approximately 30 years ago we almost bought the house that also has the post office on the same property. I know it's unrelated to the topic but, Was just curious, if it is still the same today.

Take care, Willy
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