Rally against SAFE gun control law

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Rally against SAFE gun control law

Postby Emily » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:31 pm

The New York State Conservation Council urges your participation in the Gun Rights Rally and Lobby Day to be held in the Well of the Legislative Office Building in Albany on Thursday, February 28, 2013, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The theme of the Rally is "The NY SAFE Act Must Go!!"
Organized by the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association with cooperation from the Shooters Committee On Political Education, this is an opportunity for you to join with other sportsmen/women to let Governor Cuomo and state legislators know of your strong opposition to the recently-passed NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Act. If you are gun owner, you need to be in Albany on February 28. According to SCOPE, "We are being called to Albany on February 28th to make our voices heard as one united coalition. The Governor's SAFE Act does nothing to keep anyone safe. It does put onerous and restrictive regulations on law abiding, tax paying citizens [who] are being singled out by a small minority with an agenda that can only be labeled as dubious."
The NYSR&PA says this is a day to lobby the state legislature on gun rights. It recommends that you call your Assembly Member and State Senator to make an appointment to meet with them in their offices on the 28th after the conclusion of the Rally at 12:30 p.m. Go to the home pages for the NYS legislature, www.nysenate.gov and http://assembly.state.ny.us, where you can find your legislators by entering your home address and/or zip code. It would be a good idea to make an appointment with a legislator who is not from your home district … deliver your message to the downstate/ metropolitan legislators as well.
The February issue of NYSCC's Grass Roots News contained several articles concerning the gun control issue that can serve as reference for talking points; be sure to refer to the newsletter for ideas.
Don't forget the ladies and youth! Bring them along if you can; show the legislators that there's more to this issue than a bunch of hunters in jeans and flannel shirts. Youngsters and women like to shoot, too – it's a family pastime enjoyed by many!
There are several public and private transportation options to get to Albany:
Several groups are putting together buses to Albany:
From Long Island: the Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education, contact John Cushman 631/475-8125
From Ulster County: the Federated Sportsmen's Clubs of Ulster County, contact Elmer LeSuer 845/340-7404
From Erie County: the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, contact Rich Davenport 716/510-7952
From Utica/Mohawk Valley: contact Peg Roberts 315/941-6360
From Central NY: the Oswego and Onondaga County Sportsmen's Federations, contact Rick McDermott 315/882-1540
Check www.nysrpa.org and www.scopeny.org for additional areas that may be chartering buses for the trip to Albany.

Amtrak to Albany: Take the train to the Albany-Rensselaer (ALB) station. From there either take a private taxi or CDTA bus to the Empire State Plaza.
Driving to Albany: Parking is available under the Empire State Plaza. Cost is $2/hour and paid with a credit card. To get to the ESP take 1-787 to the South Mall Arterial exit. After parking take the elevator to the concourse level. The Legislative Office Building is accessible from there. Food and restrooms are available on the concourse level as well.
Remember to check your pockets before your lock your car and leave behind anything that might be construed to be a weapon; you will be asked to dispose of pocket knives, tools, scissors, etc. as you pass through security. Be respectful with your message and your attire; wear business casual dress; no camo. A neat shirt and slacks, with or without a jacket, will send the message that you should be taken seriously.
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Re: Rally against SAFE gun control law

Postby Emily » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:32 pm

From: Shooters Committee on Political Education <webteam@scopeny.org>
Date: Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 2:46 PM
Subject: Unite for our Rights - Albany February 28th

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Shooters Committee on Political Education
Message from S.C.O.P.E
February 28th - Albany

Assembly Representative Bill Nojay, is asking gun owners across the state to come to Albany on February 28th. SCOPE will be doing everything in its power to support this effort. The time has come to unite for the fight.

Hunters, Archers, Clay Bird Shooters, Bench Rest, Military Match, Practical Police, Bulls eye and all shooters, collectors, pistol permit holders, and just good well informed citizens, this the time to unite! This is not the time for division and petty bickering. Our opponents are actively trying to divide us into groups and sub groups. We can not let them succeed.

We are being called to Albany on February 28th to make our voices heard as one united coalition.
The Governors SAFE ACT does nothing to keep anyone safe. It does put onerous and restrictive regulations on law abiding, tax paying citizens that are being singled out by a small minority with an agenda that can only be labeled as dubious.

SCOPE Chapters in upstate are in the process of reserving buses for the trek to Albany. The time is now to make arrangements at work for the day off. Mark your calendars today! Take the wife and kids. Talk it up at your club and gather a contingent that can make the trip.
If you absolutely can't make it that day, donate to a Bus Trip so others can. Ask your club to make a donation. Business leaders and other political organizations can help SCOPE defray the cost of the buses too.

We have to stop the divisive tactics of the anti-2A crowd.
SCOPE has learned that the Governor’s Chief of Staff Joshua Vlasto wants to approach sportsmen’s groups and explain why he feels that the SAFE Act will not affect sportsmen that much. (His words - not ours.) His strategy is to divide and conquer. We cannot let them convince the duck hunter, goose hunter, skeet shooter or angler to say: “Let them turn in their AR-15's, I don't have one so why should I care.” We (gun owners) must unite and stay united!!!!

We are hearing that the Democratic Legislators are surprised by the negative reaction to their "Yes" vote for the Governors Bill.
Anyone that admits surprise by our reaction, demonstrates just how out of touch they are. The Republicans that voted "Yes" are spinning their ill informed decision to no avail. They might as well be saying “They wanted to chop off your arm, but because of my negotiations they will only be allowed them to chop off your hand.” We need to keep up the pressure with letters - phone calls, faxes and emails starting now. We will then follow up with a personal visit on February 28th.

Please go to your upcoming Conservation Club meeting and talk about sending members from each club to Albany. Maybe your club will sponsor their own bus or make a donation for SCOPE Buses.

Start today!
Go to the legislative Action Center of SCOPE and send a message of thanks to the legislators that voted “No”, and let the governor’s lackeys know your displeasure for their middle-of-the-night secret negotiations and midnight vote. It only takes a few clicks.

If you or your club is sponsoring a bus to Albany, let SCOPE know the details and we will post it on our web site.
Federation of Erie County Sportsmen Club is also sponsoring a bus. More buses will be planned in other cities. We need support and riders in Batavia - Rochester - Henrietta - Syracuse - etc.

This is an important time to unite. We have to show the detached politicians in Albany that the choice they made to ignore us and subjugate us to gain favor from the likes of Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg was a very bad political decision.

Actions you can do now:
Let your Statewide Democratic and Republican Party's know that you as a gun owner will not be contributing anything until the S.A.F.E Act is repealed. Keep up the pressure on those that voted to strip you of your rights.

Use our tool to send a "thank you" the Law Makers that voted Against the SAFE ACT!
Next, Keep up the Pressure on those that Voted For the Bill! Tell them to repeal the Bill!
Our tool will do all the work for you.
Stay tuned for more developing details at SCOPENY.ORG or on our Facebook.

Please forward this to all of your friends and family. Stay Informed with SCOPE

Club Support of SCOPE Needed
Please have someone give a SCOPE Report at your monthly meetings. Your Club can Join or Renew here.

Did you know that the Board of Directors will help you start a chapter in your county?
NEW ACTION ALERT CENTER - SCOPE is proud to announce the New Legislative Action Alert Center or LAAC. You can always find it, use it and share it 24-7. This tool allows you to easily write – fax or call your representatives and make your voice heard. Check it out here. Use the Action Center Alert to write to your legislators. Make sure that someone from your club is signed up for Alerts from SCOPE.
S.C.O.P.E. continues to grow each and every day with an average new membership of 50 per day. It’s people like you that are making is possible for SCOPE to continue to fend off the assault on our Constitutional and Civil Rights Show your support and purchase apparel today. Visit the SCOPE Store for more info. Hats, shirts, sweatshirts, stickers and more are available at the click of a button.
JOIN SCOPE or RENEW Online with Credit Card or PayPal

Membership Fees
[New Member 1 Yr $20.00 USD \/]

We now have the option for automatic renewals
Last but not least, thank you for helping SCOPE help New York gun owners! Our membership numbers get us the access and respect of our elected officials. Please consider adding to the cause by donating one dollar for each gun you have in your stable in these critical times. You can donate here! Click on the Special instructions and key in “My stable”

Support our sponsors. For a listing:

Shooters Committee on Political Education


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