new wildlife chief

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new wildlife chief

Postby Emily » Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:46 pm

Anybody know this guy?

Message from Patricia Riexinger, Director of DEC's Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, announcing the selection of Joe Racette to replace Gordon Batcheller who recently retired as Chief of the Bureau of Wildlife:

I am pleased to announce that Joe Racette has been appointed to the position of Chief of the Bureau of Wildlife.

Joe has an unusually diverse background to prepare him for this position. He has 23 years of experience with DEC, coordinating the regional sportsmen education program, and working with game species (migratory bird management, small game), public access, wildlife diversity and endangered species, special licenses, and habitat protection. He has worked both in the region (Region 5) and more recently, in central office. Before joining the Division, Joe worked in the Division of Water doing field studies and working with municipalities; this adds to his repertoire of experiences that have prepared him for the challenges of the Bureau. Prior to coming to DEC, Joe had six years of other professional experience, including as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, a wildlife research assistant in Kenya, and as a teacher in Tanzania.

In the past two years, Joe has been serving the Division by coordinating preparation of the State Wildlife Action Plan. In developing the SWAP, he worked with staff in four bureaus across all regions to prepare technical materials. Consequently he has a good working knowledge of programs and resource needs across the Division. He worked collaboratively across the northeast with other state SWAP coordinators and the Fish and Wildlife Service to develop a coordinated approach to the plans to enhance conservation outcomes. He prepared a strategic communication plan for outreach, and coordinated with multiple and diverse constituencies at numerous critical points in the process to ensure broad buy-in to the plan.

Joe is also an avid hunter, which when combined with his experience in game related programs in the region, provide a solid background in both game and non-game programs. Joe's diverse background, experiences, ability to work well with diverse groups, and hard-working ethic make him a good new Chief.

Please join me in congratulating Joe. I know all of you will do your best to help him succeed.

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