Crogan Hounds for yotes in the Northeast

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Re: Crogan Hounds for yotes in the Northeast

Postby aardemar » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:34 pm

Eddie I may have given you an incorrect phone number, didnt write your number down. Give me a call, Rick 989-539-2212
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Re: Crogan Hounds for yotes in the Northeast

Postby lifreediver » Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:22 am

hey bob i know hunter by you who has crogan hounds they have killed over 50 with the dogs in the past year on day offs and you probably could see them in action on a saturday they dont run pens and dont mix there runninwalkers with there bear dogs seems to work
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Re: Crogan Hounds for yotes in the Northeast

Postby ksbolen » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:15 pm

Dan I would encourage you to get older issues of the "Hunter's Horn" and see what all the "hype" as you call it is about the Croghan Hounds. You were right about one thing Croghan is just a man from KS that had coyote hounds. But to me and all the hundreds of men that have come from all over the country to meet and buy from my Dad the hounds are good solid running hounds.
The saddest thing for our family was to have to get rid of the last three dogs in his pen this year because my Dad could no longer carry the bucket out to feed them.
We would have men into our home weekend after weekend from many states that would stay at our home and sleep in the house or in the barn just to come run hounds with my Dad. They would go out and bring in the coyotes and hang them on the barn to display all their catch for the weekend. Mom has many pictures of these great hunts.
Dad would show his hounds at Garnett, Longton and other places. It was a happy time in my life.
Your right probably by now the bloodlines have watered down but trust me the hounds were not a "hype" back in the day.
Croghan is a name that mean honesty in the hunting world and I hope that legend remains. Noone can say that my Father ever sold them a bad dog.
The saddest thing is my Father only had 3 little girls to take hunting but he has several grandsons to carry on.
Hunters please pray for my Dad and this battle with dementia. I only wish we would have written down all the great hunts and stories. Happy Hunting ..Kimberly Croghan-Mills
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Re: Crogan Hounds for yotes in the Northeast

Postby Dan Edwards » Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:16 am


Go back and reread my post with zero emotions partner. You will see that I was not knocking your dad nor his dogs. I was more so warning against all the counterfeits that use your father's name as a sales pitch. Please go back and read it again. I have dogs on my yard with your fathers name back in the pedigree but I will not call them Croghan bred dogs cuz your father did not breed them and I wont disrespect your father or anybody else that way.

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