Free casting on foot

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Dan Edwards
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby Dan Edwards » Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:41 am

The only time I have had any success with runnin coyotes on foot was at night during the summer and with young dogs that weren't any good yet. Other than that I don't think its possible.
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby scrubrunner » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:48 pm

Never roped a coyote or a deer, but my granddaddy always warned me to never rope a deer. He said, he did once and it went right under the horse. By the time it was over he said he'd never do that again.
I might should be trying to run coyotes too, there's more of them then anything else.
Tanner Peyton
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby Tanner Peyton » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:13 pm

You guys should check out persistence hunting. Apparently some tribes in Africa run down there game on foot. Apparently these guys look for a fresh track and once they find one they start running the animal down on foot. Sometimes chasing for up to 8 hours before the animal collapses from pure exhaustion. Sounds pretty impressive but I think you're right Mark, I seriously doubt there is any one man who could keep up with the well conditioned coyote dog on a good race in that type of terrain. If there is I sure would like to meet him.

Tex, I agree with you, having a good set of coyote hounds would be a blast. Specially where you live. I know I had an absolute ball with decoy dogs and calling in coyotes. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to watch the dog do the entire thing.

Ha ha, on a sidenote I have heard a few stories here and there about ranchers roping mule deer. Then having just a hell of a wreck trying to get there rope back or having the deer run underneath their horse once it had been roped.
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby BAR BAR 2 » Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:12 pm

Tanner, the little college here in town recruits some of those African boys for the basketball team every fall with a full ride. They rarely come back after the Christmas break. Those guys are dang near seven feet tall and weigh about a buck thirty. I would just about bet there isn't a member here with that type physique and I would also bet those skinny fellers couldn't run fast enough to scatter their own shit a'wearin' all the clothes they'd need to keep their scrawny asses from getting frostbit.

I had a fun little fox race with my bear dog this morning, but it was too hot and dry to do very much.

duck duck goose
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby duck duck goose » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:49 pm

I guess you could say I had some luck free casting from foot this past weekend, although it was complete luck. I was camped up in norther Az, just finishing up breakfast when I watched a pair of coyotes cross the road I was camped off of, not more than 100 yards from the fire pit. My redbone saw them too, so she took off after them hoopin and hollering. I ran back to the trailer and grabbed my gun and off we went.

As soon as my dog got on that pair, they circled back where they came from down through a small canyon. I kept as close to them as I could, they were following this ridge edge that we were camped overlooking. My dog wasn't barking wide open, but she would give me a bawl every couple hundred yards so I knew where she was at. I was worried that they might be trying to lure her away from camp to ambush her and kill her so I was trying to keep up. We were bordered by the road on one side and a cliff on the other and the coyotes seemed to be running right down the middle of the strip of bush in between.

They then made a 90 degree cut and headed across the road and away from the cliff, getting into a pretty big stretch of bush. I had no collar on my dog and really didn't want to be chasing her around the woods all day for a stupid coyote so I put a bit of a scamper in my step as they seemed to be slowing down a bit. I saw the one coyote about 150 yards up with my dog right on his ass, but I didn't have a clear shot, so I ran up a bit further to close the distance. One of the coyotes stopped broadside and the other one got on my dogs ass and chased her into a bit of a thicket, I wanted to try to double on them but then I heard my dog squeal like she had been bit so I sent a 20 ga slug through the one coyote who was stopped, and put him down. The other dog circled back but didn't offer a shot before it disappeared over the side of the hill we were on, never to be seen again.

I guess it can be done, but to be honest, those coyotes weren't running to get away, I think they were more so trying to figure out why this house pet was following them. Then the were annoyed with her and trying to get rid of her. Either way though, it ended in a successful hunt so I was happy.
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby david » Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:22 am

Great story! Thank you.
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Re: Free casting on foot

Postby Andyva » Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:59 am

I'll take those African distance runners and leave them broken in the rocks with my stubby Scotsman legs, in the steep country.

I have read the argument, that there is no animal more relentless and more capable of endurance than the human animal. Now those pasty fellers you see around the colleges won't hold up, but anybody that has some aboriginal thinking skills, and knows their limitations can plug away for days. A water jug and a bag of jerky give you an advantage, other critters have to stop and graze, stalk something, or chew the cud.We can keep on plugging. This kind of race takes days though, it's not going to play out on a Saturday.

A coyote is no different than any other life form powered with muscle. They have pace that they can maintain. If they exceed that pace, they have to stop. How soon they have to stop depends on how much they exceed their maximum endurance pace. There is a way to make a coyote work harder than normal, this will make him need to stop sooner. A coyote has to sleep out all winter. He grows a thick coat of fur. Next time you kill a coyote, throw him in a creek on the way back to the truck. See if you notice anything. Our hounds have an advantage. They sleep in a nice box full of straw, so they don't need thick coats. They can run and stay comfortable, and go through a creek and not have to pack pounds of water up the bank. Coyote, if he is made to run, gets a little hot, (if he actually has to run). He will desire the creek. His instinct draws him to it, he wants to pick a low spot, sneak through and dip his toes and get a drink. If there is any way to have enough pressure on him at that point, that he has to blow through the deep part with no time to shake off good, he is still thirsty and carrying a heavy load. Coyote won't make it far after doing that a few times. His legs start burning and his stride gets stiff and he has to stop.

Because of highways and such, it is a good idea to have a chase crew on the road, but the guy that walked the dogs back in the cover, he stands a good chance of getting a shot off. Sometimes,game of any kind comes sneaking back through, after the dogs have taken something out of there. Old bear hunter pointed it out to me. He said that bear lay in bear places. Just because you jump one, doesn't mean there weren't more laying in there. Pack of dogs can get stuff moving. People back in there get excited and start shooting and it's not even the bear the dogs were running. This is not as desirable when bear hunting, but might keep some of your coyote team from getting too bored.

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