ODFW Further Considers Lead Ammo Ban

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ODFW Further Considers Lead Ammo Ban

Postby mike martell » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:05 am

June 17, 2014

Stan Steele, Chairman of the Board

Sportsmen Fight Back Against HSUS Lead Free Campaign

Sadly, it appears from reading the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) playbook that the Oregon lead ammunition survey could be a harbinger of things to come (http://oregonoutdoorcouncil.org/wp-cont ... gn2013.pdf).

The Hidden Truth

Is this really about lead ammunition toxicity or just another crack as banning hunting by making it cost prohibitive for anyone but the rich and famous to buy traditional ammunition? The HSUS states that non-toxic ammunition is available and inexpensive. Ask proponents this; How many rural kids or families can afford a $40.00 – twenty round box of shells to use while plinking tin cans or stalking sage rats in the back forty?

Oregon State University Perpetuates Falsity

It should be equally disconcerting that Oregon State University’s Wildlife Extension specialist and hunter survey administrator, has concluded that lead ammunition is the primary reason for declining raptor populations, when in fact nationally, raptor populations are continuing to expand. For example, the American Bald Eagle, our national symbol of strength and unity and one of the continents largest carrion consuming birds of prey, was recently removed from the Endangered Species List after being deemed biologically recovered across vast expanses of its historic (and evidently to some protectionists, lead polluted) range by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Most outdoors men and women are very good at tracking game and they are equally adept at recognizing hidden environmental agendas.

Sportsmen Groups Unite

Over the last several days the Oregon Outdoor Council has effectively reached out to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Sporting Arms and Manufacturers Institute, the National Rifle Association and the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance in our grassroots effort to collaboratively protect our proud Oregon hunting and recreational shooting heritage from animal rights activists. It appears to be an undeniable fact that banning or heavily restricting the use of traditional ammunition is yet another political and emotional ploy being used by the well-funded and well-connected animal rights lobby to curtail hunting through a nefarious back door campaign that restricts public access to affordable and environmentally safe sporting ammunition.

A few minutes ago the Oregon Outdoor Council received from the National Shooting Sports Foundation “What Oregon Hunters Should Know About Traditional Ammunition“ (http://oregonoutdoorcouncil.org/what-or ... mmunition/) letter that provides reliable and clear information on the use and biological impacts of traditional ammunition. The document and its immediate sharing are prime examples of state (OOC) and national sporting organizations (NSSF) working collaboratively to expose the anti-hunting agendas of the animal rights organizations and the sometimes ham-fisted actions taken by state agencies and publically funded universities on controversial wildlife and human health issues.

The seemingly unending effort by animal rights activists to restrict Oregonians opportunities to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife is exactly the reason the Oregon Outdoor Council will be submitting a Constitutional Amendment protecting these specific aforementioned activities in the upcoming 2015 Oregon Legislative Assembly. For sportsmen and women to ask our State Senator’s, Representative and Governor too do anything less than constitutionally protect our right to lawfully participate in our heritage sports would be a gross injustice to the time honored traditions and conservation accomplishments of those who hunted the forests, trapped the marshes and fished the rivers before us.

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ODFW Further Considers Lead Ammo Ban

Keep Oregon Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping

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Re: ODFW Further Considers Lead Ammo Ban

Postby DirtyDave » Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:09 am

California is contagious......
2 more weeks and I'll be in TX thankfully

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