Good running mostly

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Good running mostly

Postby scrubrunner » Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:15 am

Been having some good races the last couple of months but season closed where I've been hunting so now I've had to move to an area that the fox have been scarce for the last couple of years.
Went a little after midnight sat. morning, was about to put the dogs down in front of the truck but saw headlights coming. After the 2 trucks passed I decided to just ease down the road to see if I could see any fox sign since I hadn't been in this area for about 6 months. Within a half mile I saw a cat track, this is a graded clay forest rd with quite a bit of traffic early on weekend nights and the only tire tracks on top of the cat tracks were the 2 trucks I'd seen. I put my oldest dog down, she wrung her tail a little but that was it, so I put the next 1 down to no avail. Cat had walked both ways up and down the road but I couldn't find the out and neither could they. I put them all out and roaded them 3 times through there but never did any good.
I decided to load em and go on north about 5 miles where there was a lot of fox 6 months ago. I didn't go 2 miles and a gray fox shot across the road in front of the truck. Before I could get stopped the dog box blew up. I put 1 out and it left there running, I then fed the other 4 in 1 at a time. They were cranking on him for about 10 minutes then made a lose for about 30-45 seconds (seemed like 5 minutes) and never really got back to cranking on him again except for a minute or two, every now and then. They ran that fox for 3 hours and 5 minutes. If you call what they were doing running him. I got tired of listening to it and finally caught em off of it and went home. Sounded like they were trailing or just following that fox around, but I was trying to get a new dog that's not going yet in the race so I was going to the crossings, I saw the fox on several crossings and the dogs were never more than 50 yards behind him. From the way they sounded I would have told you that fox was a quarter mile ahead of them and getting farther.
I'm going to blame it on bad scenting conditions since they couldn't even smell a cat or even halfazz run a fox. They could bearly smell that fox and it was staying just as far ahead of them as he felt he needed to.
But it was better than staying home or hunting all night without a bark. Or a poke in the eye.
Dan Edwards
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Re: Good running mostly

Postby Dan Edwards » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:21 pm

Momma said there'd be days like this. They cant run what they cant smell partner.

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