2 Finished, broke off coyote, Walkers for sale

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2 Finished, broke off coyote, Walkers for sale

Postby parttime » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:15 pm

8 year old female treeing Walker. Runs Bobcats, Bears, and lions. Better at bear than cats, a good pack dog. Will start a cat on snow and run and tree by herself. Not a great strike dog, will strike warm lion and bear dry ground tracks. Has never quit a bear bay. On cat loses she will sometimes go out quiet before jumping it again. Selling both dogs because I can't hunt them as much as I used to. $1400

Second dog, 8 year old female treeing walker. Runs bobs, bears, and lions. Better at starting dry ground bears than cats. She is my best strike dog, above average, but not exceptional on cats, but will still start and catch them on her own. Will not quit a bear bay. She is excellent on bears, but has a little extra weight on her right now from not being run enough. Runs to catch, very broke on coyotes, will tell on the other dogs. She may be more quiet than some would like, but when she gets it jumped, there won't be any doubt. $2400. Vancouver, WA

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