Coon dog liquidation / Texas

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Coon dog liquidation / Texas

Postby call-me-ish » Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:05 pm

My friend is getting out of hounds. Great opportunity for someone!!!
Dog #1. Intact 10 year old double bred Smokey River Male. He is the real deal. He will put ole ring in the Bush and stay there till you come get him.
Direct son of GRNITECH Diehard Jacked up John Henry. Bottom side also goes back to GRCH GRNITECH "PR" Smokey River Jean's Blue Tramp.

Dog #2. Intact 10 year old Treeing Walker Male.
Direct son of GRNITECH GRCH "PR" NECHE'S River What's up Doc. Bottom side goes back to GRNITECH "PR" Nance's Cache RV Double 00.
He is a coon dog!!!

Both get it done alone or in company of even renegades. These dogs were raised and trained together but work just as good independently.

Priced at $800. Each. OBO!!!

I recommend you buy them under the tree.

Dog # 3 intact 5 year old female out of dog #1 and a similar bred female. Works great with the above two, has not been hunted alone.
Priced at $500.

All papers are in order and I can text copies to sincerely interested individuals. (661-549-6175)

Dogs are located near San Antonio, Texas.
Contact Richard the owner to purchase.
He does not text!!!!
High Hopes for the Pack

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